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Disaster Tech Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE)

Experience the Difference of Emergency Management

Connect Where Your Team Already Collaborates:

Disaster Tech believes in arming disaster and emergency managers with high-quality technology that alleviates communication obstacles that exist today. That's why Disaster Tech's platform integrates directly into Microsoft Teams – where your team already works. Share reports, dashboards, and data across your team with ease to ensure everyone has the situational awareness necessary to make the best possible decision. Disaster Tech also utilizes open source rather than proprietary data, enabling teams to share across organizations easily, breaking silos while still maintaining one common operating picture.

Stream Real-time Data:

With DICE, teams have access to over 1,200 open-source datasets from a cross-section of government, private sector, and academic sources. Pre-vetted to prevent misinformation and cleaned for easy ingestion, these datasets are immediately ready to deploy. Stream real-time data for decision support or utilize historical data for predictive modeling and training exercises. Does your team have additional datasets you'd like to visualize on the platform? Upload any files in CSV, JSON, and GeoJSON format with the click of a button.

Generate Automated Reports:

Rather than spending a disproportionate amount of time writing and creating new reports for every situation that arises, Disaster Tech's automated reports function create them for you. Choose which incidents you are interested in and what criteria you'd like to trigger a workflow, and DICE will generate a report. Distribute it automatically via email or Microsoft Teams, and download it as a PDF document for your files. For added convenience, our library contains dozens of pre-made templates that can be customized to fit your team's needs.

Custom Built for You:

Disaster Tech recognizes that every business, organization, and agency has different requirements and pain points, and we work hard to ensure that we can meet each one. If there is a functionality that your team needs, we will build it. Schedule a demo to discuss how we can arm your team with the technology and data necessary to save lives, money, and time.

DICE provides:

• Highly interactive data visualizations

• Comprehensive data lake with over 1,000 public and private sources

• Platform to solve challenges before, during, and after disasters

• Active analytics for decision making and situational awareness

• Converges cross-sector real-time data in a single secure platform

• Understand any situation using geospatial, charting, graphing, and text analysis with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

• Decide confidently with evidence-based tools

• Simulate and plan for future risk

• Tell stories with data using temporal and spatial playback functionality

• Save lives, money, and time

DisasterTech DICE platform allows users to help save lives, protect the environment, and build resilient communities with the most sophisticated, advanced analytics and distributed high-performance computing platform on the planet. DICE provides access to real-time cross sector data, from over one thousand private and public sources, for situational awareness and operational coordination across multiple hazards such as wildfires, hurricanes, or Coronavirus (COVID-19) all in one single pane of glass.

DisasterTech has partnered with the best minds and leading institutions in the industry, including Microsoft, NVIDIA, University of Delaware Disaster Research Center, Cornell, Graphistry, University of Oklahoma, Iowa Flood Center, and many more. Learn more about how we are accomplishing our mission with the best in industry, academia, and non-governmental sectors to solve challenges before, during, and after disasters. Visit our website to learn about our team and suite of solutions.

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