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The BillingPlatform Report Builder lets you access data from your billing application in real time.

Finance organizations love the BillingPlatform Report Builder because it saves time and is easy to use directly inside of Excel.

If you are a BillingPlatform customer you already enjoy the benefits of having the most robust monetization system on the market. With this FREE tool BillingPlatform customers can generate rich and insightful reports such as a Period Transactions, Aging, and Trial Balance at the click of a button.

Simply download the add-in and enter your BillingPlatform Log-in credentials. You can then choose from a list of pre-built reports or create your own, and access all your bIlling and revenue data in real time directly from your BillingPlatform instance and generate rich financial content directly in Excel.

Again, this add-in is absolutely free but requires a BillingPlatform account to use.

If you are not already a BillingPlatform customer, contact our sales team at, to discuss pricing and requirements for your enterprise Billing needs.

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