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Uplift your workplace morale with meaningful recognition.

The modern-day work culture is incomplete without the aspect of appreciation for which every employee works hard and improves themselves with new skills. All their efforts to support their organization as well as their work shouldn’t go unnoticed and must be acknowledged in real-time.

And we at Vantage Circle have always addressed this need with Vantage Circle- A cloud-based rewards and recognition platform.

Vantage Circle allows you to deliver instant gratification by delivering meaningful rewards and appreciation to your employees.

With Vantage Circle you can appreciate your employees on the go by selecting your preferred award type preloaded in the platform complemented by your thoughts that would encourage them to keep up their great work.

By integrating Vantage Circle with your Microsoft Teams, you can do the same from within the team channel without visiting our platform. It enables you to appreciate and nominate employees for awards in your respective Microsoft Teams groups. Moreover, it helps you save your precious time without losing the opportunity to acknowledge your team members for their great work.

All the rewards and recognition you bestow on your high performing employees are also displayed in the social feed of our R&R platform in real-time so that no one misses any update within the organization.


- Save time while acknowledging your employees.

Access the functionalities of Vantage Circle without leaving Microsoft Teams and deliver on-spot appreciation every time your colleagues and employees give their best performance

- Appreciate or nominate multiple employees at a go.

Whether you want to appreciate a single person or a whole team Vantage Circle can handle it effectively making group rewarding easy for you.

- Add comments and digital badges to make appreciation more meaningful and attractive.

Amplify the value of your appreciation with digital badges that signifies their efforts along with your encouraging comments making your R&R initiative more meaningful and dynamic.

- Employees can reply to the recognition post and motivate their peers.

Create better employee rewards and recognition experience with the ability to like and comment on the appreciation post just like a social media platform exclusively for your organization.

- Appreciate your employees anywhere around the world.

No matter where your employees or colleagues are working from, always deliver instant appreciation to lift their morale and spread the joy of teamwork.

- Sync perfectly with your existing HRMS system.

We also offer integration of Vantage Circle with other HRM systems for easy on boarding and governance over the R&R platform. Talk to your support executive to know more about it.

- Supports peer to peer appreciation for strengthening professional bonds.

Enables your employees and team members to appreciate their colleagues to celebrate their efforts and create a healthy work environment by boosting professional relationships.

- Associate monetary value with any award supported by an efficient budget allocation mechanism.

Deliver redeemable points holding monetary value along with your reward to maximize their joy of getting appreciated and add flexibility to your rewards initiative.

With more than a million employees onboard, Vantage Circle has been the preferred choice of many companies like Paypal, Cognizant, Infosys, HCL, Intuit, and many more when it came to employee rewards and recognition.

For any assistance, email to us at or [visit website](

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