Axcel AI


In the Cloud, No coding, Automated AI, Machine Learning, and Visualization inside Excel.

Instantly run pre-built machine learning and artificial intelligence models, visualize, share data, and results in Excel. You can easily turn your Excel to an automated cloud data science studio. Axcel AI capabilities are customizable, combinable, and easily deployable. No coding required.

- A rich catalog of ready to use pre-built AI and machine learning models

- Fine-tuned pre-built industry-specific AI models

- Advanced Visualization

- Advanced file management functionality: Search,

Upload, Download, Version Control, Sharing and


- Reproducible: Quickly distribute the result within

the organization for faster decision making

- No Coding. It works like Excel native functions

- Transparent: Simply see your model performance in

the panel

- Fast and reliable with cloud computational power

- Customizable functions for the Enterprise version

- Secured: No data at rest for computation. Advanced


- Some examples of available functions: Time series,

Technical Trading, Optimization, Forecasting,

Classifiers, and Clustering

- Growing catalog and powerful features without any

need for updates or reinstallation

- Comprehensive documentation and an online Help

Axcel AI is a cloud service. As a result, you must open an account to get access. Register for a free account* to access all features available for free trial.

*Limitations for size of data, process executions, and availability of functions are applied to free accounts. To increase your data size limit and access to all functionalities, users are required to purchase professional or enterprise subscriptions. All free and paid subscriptions are subject to Axcel's terms and conditions.

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