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Breakthrough AI applied to your unique documents to boost productivity, insights, and compliance.

Automated Analytics for Business Documents

We have developed a multi-faceted AI solution that combines innovative Deep Learning, NLP, Bayesian, Evolutionary, and other AI techniques. Starting with your documents in any file format, Docugami reveals the inherent patterns, terminology, and relationships of unstructured information.

Integrates seamlessly with familiar tools, so you can start working immediately. No IT or developers required.

AI-powered Authoring Assistance

Docugami's Assisted Authoring recommends how to create or edit business agreements and other documents more precisely and efficiently, based on your organization's best practices from previous versions. Just hover and click to add, change, delete, complete. Our AI goes beyond Document Automation or Document Assembly solutions to not just automate, but also humanize the results.

Upload and Organize

Upload your documents and Docugami analyzes and understands them automatically by understanding their similar patterns: NDAs, Leases, Loans, Partner Agreements, Sales Contracts, Service Agreements, RFPs, Proposals, SOW's, etc.

You and Your Team are in Control

Your own unique documents train the AI to understand the fine-grained details of your business. With only 30 minutes of training per set of similar documents, your team can set things up and improve the accuracy of the AI to the nuances of your business agreements. The AI makes recommendations based on your unique best practices, making your work faster, more accurate, and more consistent.

Always Know What is in Your Agreements

More than search or data-mining, Docugami’s technology views your documents in multiple dimensions and structures the information. You decide what is important and our software will prepare a Summary, an Abstract or a detailed Report, 'auto-magically.' No more tedious, manual data searching and re-typing.

An active Docugami subscription is required in order to use this add-in, which may involve the payment of fees depending on the number of users and usage.

Internet Explorer 11 is currently not supported by Docugami for Word Add-in. Windows 1903 or above, and Office 365 16.0.11629 or above is needed to run our add-in.

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