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All-in-one ticketing solution, helpdesk, service catalog & workflow builder within Microsoft Teams

Jetdocs is your integrated and collaborative ticketing system that allows you to build processes, connect teams and have requests routed to the right user for approval or resolution.

Modern service with Jetdocs combines ticketing, helpdesk, service catalog and workflow functionality all within Microsoft Teams. This means no group email inboxes, no unorganized messaging threads and no engineering required.

Why users say: 'WE LOVE JETDOCS', 'Very happy with the system', 'Thank you so much':

  • Fully-customizable self-serve Catalog for your end users

  • No-code Catalog Builder with conditional workflows and multiple data types

  • Robust Analytics and Reporting

  • Priority levels and SLAs

  • User groups and Queues

  • Bot notifications and Email notifications

  • Full traceability with Audit logs and Activity tracking

  • Live video and chat support

  • All of this and more fully integrated into Microsoft Teams

Trusted by:

  • Fortune 500 companies

  • Government municipalities

  • Startups who've raised $75M+

  • Non-profits

  • Manufacturing and engineering firms

  • Professional services (recruiting, insurance etc.)

  • E-commerce

  • IT service providers and MSPs

Used for workflows, requests and tickets such as:

  • IT & Support / E.g. Support Request

  • Operations / E.g. Vendor Management

  • Compliance / E.g. Customer Response Request

  • Finance / E.g. Purchase Approval

  • Customer Experience / E.g. Customer Refund Request

  • Engineering / E.g. Create Endpoint Request

  • Marketing / E.g. Communications Request

  • Legal / E.g. Contract Review

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