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Your collaborative ticketing, catalog & workflow builder in Microsoft Teams

Jetdocs is a collaborative ticketing solution that helps organizations build workflows and streamline processes for their internal and external teams. Tickets, approvals and requests are automatically routed to the right person or team for next steps. With Jetdocs, tickets can be submitted through your custom Catalog inside Microsoft Teams or through your custom external portal that can be embedded anywhere or linked to.

This means no group email inboxes, no unorganized messaging threads and no heavy lifting required. With powerful features like user groups, SLAs, dynamic dashboards, conditional workflows and robust reporting, Jetdocs provides powerful functionality that can be set up in minutes.

Built for internal teams (operations, IT, facilities, legal, compliance, procurement, HR etc.) and external teams (customer support, success or anyone without an O365 login) Jetdocs is your all-in-one service solution.

Trusted by companies around the world, from Fortune 500 to government bodies. Sign-up for a quick walkthrough at or get started by installing as a Tab application in a channel.

Jetdocs is offered in English, German and Italian.

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