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Excel Add-in for Koivu.Cloud to easily build cloud-based enterprise solutions with Excel.

Koivu.Cloud is a powerful enterprise productivity platform. It has a simple-to-use Excel Add-in that upgrades spreadsheet-based business processes to the enterprise system level. It is a new philosophy of thinking where Excel is used as an innovative and intuitive user interface. All enterprise software requirements are fulfilled in the cloud-based application. This includes:

- data management by rows rather than files in the database,

- data structures supporting good user experience,

- role-based read and write access controls,

- row-level audit trail,

- cell level full history, and

- multi-tenant customer portal capabilities.

Enterprise users can still use those spreadsheets they have, plus get the benefit of cloud-based enterprise software. Business logic can be moved from spreadsheet cells to the cloud, where more capacity is available and better change management is provided.

Business Benefits summary:

Accelerate activities

60-90% compared to old semi-manual data management

Improve quality

80-100% manual errors minimized or eliminated

Reduce operating costs

10-20% resources allocated to higher value-adding tasks

How it works:

Use your existing spreadsheets

• Keep the Excel sheets you love and let Koivu help you get the most out of what you’ve built into them

Migrate data into the cloud database with a few clicks

• Create a cloud database from your Excel sheet in a super-easy way and profit from Koivu’s powerful enterprise software capabilities

Integrate and automate business processes

• Accelerate business processes and eliminate manual data entry with Koivu’s instantly created APIs that integrate Excel data to other systems

Strengthen existing spreadsheet:

Start from your existing spreadsheet that needs easy to use database and APIs to connect to other systems.

• Continue to use it like earlier – no need to learn something new

• Safe concurrent use achieved – no more excuses to provide updates

• Connectivity enabled – dual truth for the same data eliminated

• Always know who has changed and what – get cell level change history


1) External account to Koivu.Cloud environment required.

2) User onboarding process requires the whitelisting of the company domain first and creating a company superuser. Please contact Koivu Solutions for that - See#4 below.

3) Information for Account creation is here:

4) Additional charges apply to have an account in the Koivu.Cloud. Please contact Koivu at for details. Also, periodically free plans available upon request.

5) Koivu.Cloud is optimized to improve the use of the desktop version of Excel. It does not work in the IE browser version of Excel, and while it technically does work on other browsers like Chrome and Edge, it does not provide the same performance there.


Kemampuan add-in

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