Skillate Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Skillate is an advanced decision-making engine to make hiring easy, fast, and transparent.

Transform your recruitment process with AI-powered solutions.

Skillate offers an end-to-end recruitment solution and optimizes each value chain of hiring process.

On Skillate you can create job openings, post job ads, source, screen, shortlist, interview and hire candidates and much more. Skillate is designed to be flexible and scalable to adapt to your business needs and help you meet your KPIs in terms of Reducing Cost of Hiring, Time to hire, Increasing Quality of hired candidates and Improving Candidate Experience.

Skillate advantages includes but not limited to:

Utilize readily available internal Talent Pool

Skillate automatically index resumes and recommends best candidates out of entire pool

Best candidates recommendation

Skillate matching engine is sector agonistic and works for all job vertical to recommend the best candidate

Screen candidates automatically using chatbot

No more hassle of finding time and manually calling candidates, let Skillate chatbot ask repetitive questions and gather additional information about candidates.

Automatically schedule interview

Skillate chatbot talks to all stakeholders of an interview round and figure out one common timing for all.

Improve your job description

Skillate JD assistant helps recruiters in writing better JDs which helps in attracting better talents.

With Skillate on Microsoft Teams, organizations can benefit in the following ways

Post Jobs For Referrals

With Skillate you can tap into your existing workforce for candidates referral

Track Referral Status

Allow your employees to keep track of individually track their referral status on Microsoft Teams

Manage Interviews

Share interview details with interviewers, and let them directly access the interview portal from Microsoft Teams

Share internal jobs

Invite internal candidates to apply for job opening and optimize your workforce

Get Job Approvals

Ask department heads and hiring managers to approve a new job openings directly on Microsoft teams

Skillate Chatbot

Skillate on Microsoft Teams app let’s recruitment stakeholders directly interact with chatbot to

Know upcoming interviews

Pending Task

Jobs Open for Referrals

Note: In order to use this app, you need to have an active Skillate account. Please click here to sign up to Skillate.

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