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xiQ’s personality analysis, 360-degree account intelligence and business alerts within Outlook

Harness the power of xiQ’s personality analysis, 360-degree account intelligence and real time business alerts within Outlook. xiQ in Outlook provides you with the following capabilities:

While sending or receiving an email, xiQ will automatically generate personality analysis for the people and give you actionable insights to custom-tailor your engagement

Be your one-stop shop for 360-degree intelligence on accounts

Provide you with real-time sales triggers and business alerts that you can leverage to create sales opportunities


This Outlook Add-in is not compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) Version 11 and some features might not work on IE 11.

Additional Purchase Disclosure:

Freemium users can view up-to 5 profiles and 10 companies. In order to upgrade your account to premium with unlimited access, please contact us at

For more details, please visit our website at

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