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Qualified instantly alerts sales reps when hot prospects arrive on your site

Qualified is the conversational sales and marketing platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Teams. B2B brands use Qualified to accelerate pipeline growth by identifying their most valuable buyers when they visit their website, understanding their intent and then instantly starting a conversation via live chat, voice or video calls, and screen-sharing.

Qualified helps you maximize every dollar spent on demand generation by enabling buyers to have real-time conversations with your company, on their terms. It is the only conversational sales and marketing platform designed to run natively on Salesforce and works seamlessly with complex enterprise business processes. Qualified is ranked first in its category on the Salesforce AppExchange and a High Performer on G2 Crowd.

Qualified understands your sales and marketing teams are busy, which means they’re preoccupied and completely unaware when interested buyers hit your website. That’s why it’s important to flag these interested buyers for your sales team so they can jump into a conversation and nurture each prospect when it matters most.

With Qualified, you can configure alerts for your internal teams sent by the Microsoft Teams bot. Example strategies include:

* The ABM Red Carpet: when a visitor lands on your site, we'll identify their company immediately and match that against your list of target accounts in Salesforce. We'll then alert the account team for immediate action using the Microsoft Teams bot.

* The Open Opportunity Fast Lane: recognize immediately when a company visits your website that has an open Opportunity in Salesforce. Greet them by name then use the Microsoft Teams bot to notify the account owner.

* The Pricing Page Expert: visitors on a pricing page are typically further down the sales funnel and ready to convert. Use the Microsoft Teams bot to notify sales leadership and prompt the SDR to proactively start a conversation.

* The Existing Customer Upsell: automatically identify existing customers when they arrive on your site then use the Microsoft Teams bot to notify the account owner for upsell opportunities.

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