CI-Out-of-Office Lite

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Central, company-wide and template-based management of out-of-office replies

CI-Out-of-Office Lite allows central, company-wide management and control of absence notices (automatic replies). Use our award wining tool to ensure a professional, uniform and corporate identity compliant out of office management within your Microsoft Exchange Online Tenant.

Out-of-office templates can be designed dynamically and multilingual if needed by using variables. This enables a company-wide standardization of the absence reports with simultaneous flexibility through dynamic variables and user data from the Active Directory / Azure Active Directory and ensure compliance with the company’s corporate identity.


View and change out-of-office settings for each employee or for any mailbox or distribution group

Within your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online tenant

Insert users e-mail signatures in the vacation notice.

Carry out replacements within the notification of absence or the templates

Central team integration possible

Advantages / special features:

Standardization of out-of-office notices in the company - keyword: corporate identity

Central Administration

No installation required.

In order to use this app, the company must have an “CI-Cloud” corporate account, which must be set up and configured by an admin of the company’s Microsoft 365 Tenant. Please contact our support team for more details.

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