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Automate scenario, sensitivity and risk analysis. Present and share online dashboards.

Automate sensitivity and risk analyses, scenarios, and dashboards

You will, in real time, visualize:

- The key input cells that impact your KPIs (e.g., revenues, costs, profits, headcount, ROI, etc.). Often this also uncovers formula errors.

- The sensitivities of the KPIs to those drivers;

- The scenarios created or auto generated;

- The project risks based on Monte Carlo simulation.

- You can place all these analyses on online dashboards.

What you need to do and how long it takes

1. Select the decision KPI (e.g., an output cell like ROI, NPV, Revenues, Expenses, etc.)

2. Click on ‘Autoanalysis’

3. Decide who needs to see each analysis and share via dashboards

Main benefits compared to status quo and competitors

- Remove human bottlenecks: every stakeholder can self-serve on analyses by clicking a button instead of hoping a ‘spreadsheet guru’ is available;

- Carry out, in seconds or minutes, analyses that take now hours or days of error-prone manual setups;

- No more static copy paste to PowerPoint every time there is a change in the workbook;

- Leverage the cloud (you can also have it on-premise) to create a secure and analysis and presentation environment, and make more accurate decisions, faster.


To continue using the add-in after the 14-day free trial, you will need to purchase one of our subscription plans. You don’t need to enter credit card information to start the trial. Please see our pricing page for more information:

Please note that all subscriptions will give you access not only to the add-in but also to the Visyond web application, which has features not currently available in the add-in. You need to use the same account to login in the add-in and in the web application.

The functionality of the add-in depends on the Visyond web-service and you need active internet connection to use its functionality.

Kemampuan add-in

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