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The RiskSpan Add-In combines advanced portfolio analytics with powerful predictive models

Use of the RiskSpan Excel Add-in requires an individual or company to be an active subscriber to RiskSpan's RS Edge Platform. Please contact for more information on subscription terms and pricing.

The RiskSpan Add-In combines advanced portfolio analytics with powerful predictive models, integrated securities data, and infinitely scalable processing, in a convenient Excel workbook. All of the great features of the RS Edge platform are available with intuitive functions, with unparalleled flexibility. To get started, use one of the templates for single securities or a portfolio of securities, or create your own custom design.

Portfolio Analytics

We have transformed portfolio risk analytics through distributed cloud computing, and they are now available in Excel to suit your layout and design requirements. Our optimized infrastructure powers risk and scenario analytics at speed and cost never before possible in the industry.

Perform advanced portfolio analysis to achieve risk oversight and regulatory compliance with confidence. Access reliable results in a way that meets all of your criteria, and share the results in a familiar Excel workbook.

Predictive Models

Tailor RiskSpan's prepayment, credit, default, loss, and risk models that power RiskSpan's Edge Platform to your exact specifications.

Securities Data

Multi-asset class coverage. We cover everything ' integrated data feeds with asset-level results, rates models, prepay models, credit models and VaR for complex instruments like MBS and ABS.

Scalable Processing

We're fast. Very fast. Our modern, streamlined technical architecture and operations support monitoring enable return speeds that set a new industry standard.

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