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Your All-In-One Intranet in Microsoft Teams

Easily integrate your intranet in Microsoft Teams and provide your users with a modern experience.


Intranet for Teams offers a fully integrated and configurable mega menu in Teams with four areas of content. Manage and edit the mega menu from within Teams, link to internal and external content and add icons for each link.


Intranet for Teams by Solutions2Share has three fully customizable templates for your intranet rollout. Select between three different layouts.


Reach everyone in your company in seconds with News Bot, your intranet communication assistant for Microsoft Teams (optional add-on). Send Teams notifications or alerts to users and keep everyone informed about news – either immediately or with a regular news digest.


You do not need to handle any installation process. Simply add Intranet for Teams by Solutions2Share via the Teams app store and get started in just one minute!

Users must have a valid account in order to access the Intranet for Teams by Solutions2Share application.

If user needs an active Intranet for Teams by Solutions2Share account, they can contact to get license for Intranet for Teams by Solutions2Share application account at

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