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Use Nudges to build team connection, shape culture and improve wellbeing for a happier workplace

We're all about making your workplace a better place to be. Employees spend a lot of time with their team members, so it's important they have a safe and thriving environment for everyone to feel like they belong. That's where we come in. By using nudges, Dewdropz helps your team shape a culture that's not just about the work.

When it comes to building a more meaningful culture, it's the little things that happen every day that matter: like sharing a laugh with a coworker, helping each other out, or recognising your peers. That's what Dewdropz is all about – we use micro interactions and nudges such as pairing up employees for a coffee chat to create intentional moments that shape your culture.

- Build connection & Break down silos

- Improve wellbeing & Increase retention

- Shape a happier workplace culture

Give Dewdropz a try.

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