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Add live interpretation to any Microsoft Teams meeting or webinar with KUDO.

KUDO provides 24/7 access to over 12,000 vetted professional interpreters for on-demand booking and streamlined logistics via a native integration for your Microsoft Teams meetings and events.

Powered by the largest on-demand network of professional conference interpreters with expertise in 200+ spoken and sign languages, KUDO facilitates communication via multilingual interpretation between clients, partners, and employees, enabling better understanding between individuals and businesses.

With the KUDO app on Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate KUDO into Microsoft Teams
  • Make your meetings multilingual by adding a professional human interpreter(s)
  • Add up to 32 languages per meeting
  • Streamline event logistics with on-demand booking of professional interpreters
  • Make your meetings more inclusive and accessible for the Deaf community
  • Follow the meeting in your preferred language (both spoken and sign languages)
  • Anyone can use the KUDO app when invited to a KUDO supported meeting.
  • Record meetings and events in multiple languages
  • Access language operator support

Interpreters join using KUDO’s interpreter console with advance Interpreter features including:

  • Boothmate handover/relay
  • Dual listening
  • Automatic Muting
  • Private messaging between interpreters and operators
  • Emergency override


To Setup a Microsoft Teams meeting with interpretation contact

To see the most asked questions, please visit our FAQ page

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