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The IndiaDataHub Addin allows you to download data from IndiaDataHub into excel.

The IndiaDataHub Addin is designed to enable the enterprise/corporate customers of IndiaDataHub to download the Economic and Sectoral data in IndiaDataHub directly into their spreadsheets for analysis.

If your organization has an existing subscription of IndiaDataHub, you can enter your organization's API key to use this Addin. Contact your IT Supervisor for the API key. In case you have lost your API key, ask your IT supervisor to contact us at

In case your organisation wishes to subscribe to IndiaDataHub or know more about our services and offerings, kindly visit or write to us at We will be happy to explain our subscription plans and also provide you with a demo and/or provide a trial.

Kemampuan aplikasi

Ketika digunakan, aplikasi ini
  • Membaca dan membuat perubahan pada dokumen
  • Dapat mengirim data melalui Internet