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Xakia is an in-house legal department matter management platform.

Xakia is an in-house legal toolkit, purpose built for teams of 2 to 20. It is simple, powerful and affordable, and brings together information and legal process in one simple, beautiful interface. Do away with endless excel spreadsheets and clunky, scattered data – Xakia provides a holistic view into your matters, tasks, deadlines, contracts, documents and budgets, and creates informative, data-driven dashboards for full visibility across individual and team workloads. With Xakia, it is easy to set up workflows, automation and notifications and immediately communicate the value of the Legal Team to your stakeholders.

Xakia provides key features to optimize team productivity with a focus on minimizing the administrative burden to achieve this outcome. Key features include:

- Matter capture, collaboration and management

- Control and visibility over workloads, tasks, and deadlines

- Matter intake and triage

- Automated document assembly

- Spend management and e-billing

- Contract Management

- Beautiful data visualization with dashboards and reports

- Seamless integrations with business and legal technologies to bring all your tools into a single toolkit

With Xakia’s add-in for Outlook, users can:

- Create matters in seconds, using information from an email.

- Add status notes, tasks, and save relevant emails and/or documents to your matter.

- Use templates to create matters.

- Search and view details of existing matters from your inbox.

Further information can be found at the Xakia website or in a demonstration of the software on request.

Xakia’s subscription levels are:

- Plus - $75 USD per user per month, to access Xakia’s document management, legal intake, triage and external spend management features

- Advance - $95 USD per user per month, to access Xakia’s internal client portal and logs & libraries

- Professional - $115 USD per user per month, to access Xakia's autodocs, autotasks and professional reports

Kemampuan aplikasi

Ketika digunakan, aplikasi ini
  • Dapat mengirim data melalui Internet
  • Aplikasi ini dapat mengakses informasi pribadi di pesan aktif, seperti nama pengirim, nama penerima, alamat email, isi pesan, dan informasi lampiran. Aplikasi dapat mengirim data ini ke layanan pihak ketiga. Item lainnya di kotak surat Anda tidak akan dibaca atau diubah.