Genesys Editor Staging

oleh walkerscott

Excel Add-In for editing data exported from Genesys.

Users of Genesys products can use this add-in to make bulk edits and bulk inserts.

Instead of having to open and edit individual records, users can export an empty sheet from Genesys and open that in Excel. The add-in will retrieve data in the same structure as in Genesys, but it will allow to make changes to multiple records at once or to add multiple new records. Users can also take advantage of all the functionality provided by Excel to get the desired result.

As the last step, the changes made in Excel can be published back into the system and be integrated with other Genesys processes.

Kemampuan add-in

Ketika add-in ini digunakan, add-in ini
  • Membaca dan membuat perubahan pada dokumen
  • Dapat mengirim data melalui Internet