ThingLink for PowerPoint

oleh Thinglink for PowerPoint

Add more power to your presentations with interactive media!

The ThingLink for PowerPoint Add-in enables you to embed interactive ThingLink scenes – virtual tours, simulations, interactive images, videos and 3D – directly into your PowerPoint presentations.

Simply paste in the URL of your shared ThingLink scene, and it will then be displayed directly in your slide!

Updates: If later on you update your ThingLink scene in any way, it will automatically update in your PPT too as it is the embedded version of the same media!

Analytics: All interactions on your embedded ThingLink scenes on PowerPoint will show in the engagement statistics on ThingLink.

ThingLink in Education

Instantly make your slides more engaging, interactive and immersive, proven to retain learner’s attention and improve learning results.

Create new or use existing ThingLink virtual tours, field trips or expeditions and embed in your supporting information or instruction slides.

Perfect for transition or recruiting new learners to your school or University, explore your campus directly from a PowerPoint!

Create accessible content with the use of multimedia and Immersive Reader within your Slides and in your embedded ThingLink scenes text in ‘Text and Media’ ThingLink clickable tags are accessible with Immersive Reader.

Embed rich media such as videos, 360 images or 3D models without the need for an additional or external file sharing site.

Appropriate in any context and across all stages of learning, both students and teachers can use ThingLink.

ThingLink Scenario Builder for Learning and Development

Create and embed real-life simulations, experiments or situations and enable staff to complete risk free training.

Access and analyse the raw data of your learner’s decision making process and answers to your training.

Provide evidence of learner’s completion and compliance for mandatory training.

ThingLink in Enterprise

Create engaging infographics for shared presentations, ideal for onboarding, product or process information.

Help your staff to easily understand internal information such as interactive floor or business location maps or virtual tours of offices.

Add video simulations of realistic training scenarios and measure learner progress on ThingLink.

Not familiar with ThingLink? Here is what we do!

ThingLink enables you to add interactive hotspots to your images, videos, 3D or 360 media, and combine them into virtual tours or learning scenarios. It is the easiest solution to create highly engaging interactive experiences for eLearning, employee training and customer engagement. Used by thousands of companies and schools around the world, ThingLink is an essential add-on solution for the Office 365 environment. You can use ThingLink with O365 login, create interactive content with the ThingLink app for Microsoft Teams, and share assets on MS Teams, OneNote, and now PowerPoint.

Contact the ThingLink team to explore account options, sign up today for your free trial account.

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