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Easy-to-use application to support organizational change and transformation.

DELTAoverC is designed to support organizational change and transformation by providing internal leaders with actionable, team level data during the change initiative which then allows them to effectively address areas of change resistance or low engagement.

Maximize Engagement - Track engagement scores in real-time to ensure teams thrive during the disruption.

Reduce Risk and Effort - Analyze staff level data to anticipate issues BEFORE these spirals into major challenges.

Minimize Resistance - Identify change resistors quickly to engage effectively before resistance spreads.

Provide every stakeholder affected by change with the easy-to-use DELTAoverC app, which utilizes data to enable more efficient and effective change and transformation.

Empower End Users - Give users a voice in change; allow them to be heard within the change process.

Identify Supporters - Identify supporters to leverage their power and propagate change.

Secure Feedback - Understand the barriers to change through end user two-way communication.

Engage Clients - Allow clients to be a part of the change; they can be the most important aspect of change.

Leader Check-Ins - Promote change benefits and secure a 'pulse' of the change by performing regular staff and team check-ins.

DELTAoverC can manage any change or transformation initiative; large or small:

* Onboarding New Staff - Onboarding staff is critical to ramp-up productivity and ensure team coherence. Don't leave this to chance; DELTAoverC can monitor new employees to ensure they are happy and productive.

* Company Reorganization - Any reorganization can be traumatic to staff, the disruption, new responsibilities can be overwhelming. Help identify staff in need of extra support during these disruptive times.

* Digital Transformation - New technology deployments to support staff or customers can always be tricky. Gain the feedback during implementation to quickly adapt and adjust ensuring maximum adoption.

* Leadership Change - New leadership is often just what a team needs, but what if the staff reject the new leader? Let our app gain valuable insights during those critical early transition stages to support the leader.

* Cross Organization Change - Change and transformation is rarely contained to one single group or division. Let the DELTAoverC app monitor all teams impacted by the change to ensure smooth transitions.

The DELTAoverC tool was designed specifically to support Change Managers and Project Sponsors effectively deal with complex and challenging change-based initiatives.

- Change & Project Managers

- Proactively monitor progress

- Empower users to be a part of the change.

- Engage managers to support them as needed

- Identify resistors quickly and effectively

- Leverage supporters to promote positive change

- Adapt and overcome to challenges earlier to build credibility

- Secure feedback to adjust plans as needed

- User anonymity if required.

- Achieve KPI goals with less stress!

Users will require a DELTAoverC App license to use the tool after the free evaluation period.

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