Nepali Spell Checker for Microsoft Word

oleh Rigpa Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Spell-check your Nepali documents on Microsoft Word with Nepali Spell Checker for Microsoft Word.

Your favorite Nepali Spell Checker, now available on Microsoft Word. With this add-in, you can correct your Nepali documents right from Microsoft Word.

How to use this add-in?

Once you install Nepali Spell Checker for Microsoft Word, open a Microsoft Word document and click the spell-check button on the Home tab to get started. See screenshots for details.

Please give us your feedback or send bug reports by visiting the Contact Us page on our website.

This add-in is an addition to the full version available on our website.

Nepali Spell Checker for Microsoft Word is free to use. Premium paid options with additional features are also available that provide solutions to all your Nepali language needs.

Kemampuan add-in

Ketika add-in ini digunakan, add-in ini
  • Membaca dan membuat perubahan pada dokumen
  • Dapat mengirim data melalui Internet