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Teamwork for Outlook allows you to create a task easily and attach email items to a task.

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Teamwork for Outlook allows you to create a task—and attach all email items to a task—without leaving Outlook.

With this extension you can:

  • Create a task: You can easily create a task by clicking Create task in the Outlook bottom bar. And also you can assign a task to anyone in your team, easily set a due date too.
  • Attach files to a task: You can easily create a task with an email or any associated files. To do so just go to attach files to a task page, choose the task you'd like to add an email and any associated files to, and click save.

Compatibility Information:

  • Teamwork for Outlook supports the following versions of Outlook: Outlook on Windows(Microsoft 365), Outlook on Mac(Microsoft 365), and Outlook on the web.

Note: You'll need a free or paid Teamwork account to use Teamwork for Outlook.

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