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Access financial, equity, and public company profile data for U.S. exchange-traded companies.

The Value Analytics Add-In provides access to high-quality financial data

for U.S. exchange-traded companies. The purpose of the Add-In is to support

custom financial data analysis and modeling within the familiar context of

an Excel Spreadsheet. The financial data are tailored to business valuation

and accounting firms that specialize in business valuation services.

In general, Value Analytics provides all fields required for building comps and

performing the Guideline Public Company Method. Specifically, Value Analytics

provides access to:

  • Balance Sheets
  • Cashflow Statements
  • Income Statements
  • Share Prices
  • Performance Statistics
  • Pricing Multiples

A subscription to Value Analytics must be purchased at to access the

Value Analytics Add-In. Please reach out to or for more information!

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