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Automatically determine the genders of names in your Excel sheet and add them to a new column.

Automatically determine and add the gender of one or more names or email addresses to a dedicated column in your sheet.

If your table contains rows with either first names, full names, or email addresses, this add-on will determine the corresponding gender and insert it in a column of your choice.

You can select and query up to 10,000 cells at once.

Optionally, pick a country column to localize your query. For example: While "Andrea" is a female name in Germany, "Andrea" is a male name in Italy. You can skip this step if you don't have a country column.

We offer free and paid plans. With our free plan, you can query up to 500 names for free every month. If you need to lookup more than 500 names, you can choose between our one-time packages or a paid subscription. With a one-time package, you can purchase credits for a single purpose, for example, for genderizing a single file. With a paid subscription, our system will refill your account to the selected amount of credits every month. You can view all our pricing information here:

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