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Make employee recognition & company rewards fun with kudos and feedback. 💜

Start Feedback Friday so team members can give kudos and coins to redeem for gift cards & company rewards. Through the power of team recognition, employee rewards, and constructive feedback, teams that use Matter regularly see an increase in employee engagement and a decrease in employee turnover.

What you can do with Matter:

  • 🎉 Start Feedback Friday — A dedicated day where your team is encouraged to recognize each other with kudos and feedback. Customizable to your team's needs.
  • 🙌 Celebrate wins together with Kudos — Choose from 9 templates or create your own Custom Kudos templates for everyone to share company values, inside jokes, etc.
  • 🎁 Supercharge recognition with Rewards — Add Matter coins to kudos and feedback to show extra appreciation. Redeem coins for global gift cards, charitable donations, and custom company rewards (e.g., merchandise).
  • 📊 Discover recognition insights with Analytics — Answer culture questions such as culture champions, those not engaged, embodied company values, and much more.
  • 🏆 Embrace a growth mindset with Peer Feedback — Gather or receive real-time and scheduled 1:1 private feedback based on professionally role-related skills.

What people are saying about Matter:

  • “The setup was extremely easy. It had good UX and interface – people knew how to intuitively use it. The channel got popular in the first two weeks." — Mathis Bogen, Head of Internal Communications at Bolt | Customer Story

  • "At a recent team event, 70% of the team mentioned Matter as the one thing we need to keep using for our company culture." — Victor Neumann, CEO & Co-Founder | Customer Story

  • “Kudos are a big part of our company culture and daily practice because it helps us reinforce the ideal company behaviors. This helps us ensure that we have the right people here and support them to do their best.” — María José Franco, People Director | Customer Story

How to get started:

Need help?

For any questions or feedback, email us at or tweet us at @MatterApp.

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