Loome Assist

oleh BizData Pty Limited

Deploy research, engineering and data analytics resources from Microsoft Teams.

Loome Assist is a self-service provisioning platform that helps researchers, engineers, data analysts and many other types of users to easily deploy, manage and share Microsoft Azure resources. With the Loome Assist app for Microsoft Teams you and your team will be able to provision and use powerful remote workstations, data storage repositories, and even complete analytics platforms and HPC clusters, directly from Microsoft Teams, and on demand. Loome Assist also helps you to keep track of the cost of the resources that have been provisioned, and set a budget with consumption alerts at thresholds that you specify. Users that are part of the same team can easily share resources and data, or deploy new resources of their own, all within the same team.

Kemampuan add-in

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  • Add-in ini dapat mengakses informasi pribadi di pesan yang aktif, seperti nomor telepon, alamat pos, atau URL. Add-in dapat mengirimkan data ini ke layanan pihak ketiga. Item lainnya di kotak surat tidak akan dibaca atau diubah.