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Hybrid work made simple with Post-it® for Microsoft Teams

Replicate the magic of in-person collaboration with Post-it® for Microsoft Teams. Try this digital whiteboard that’s embedded directly in Microsoft Teams. Just like physical Post-it® Notes, this application enables hybrid teams to collaborate, create and take action with a simple and intuitive experience only the Post-it® Brand could create.

No matter where your team is located, their preferences for working analog or digital, or even their level of technological savvy, the simplicity of Post-it® makes for an inclusive and productive experience in today’s hybrid workplace.

Try 30 days for free* to see what your team can accomplish.

(Terms and conditions apply. Limited seats available)

Spotlight features:

  • Handwritten Notes to Digital: Prefer to use physical notes? Download the companion mobile app and capture notes directly to your board. The handwritten text on your notes is automatically recognized, so you can group them and search for them just like digital notes.
  • Zen Mode: Create focus while ideating and to ‘silence’ other team members actions while you finish your thoughts.
  • Explore Topics: Bring additional information into the conversation from external sources such as Bing.
  • Search & Stack Notes: Identify themes and duplicates quickly. Simply search for keywords and watch as notes are stacked to review.
  • Vote: Get group consensus on ideas with Vote.
  • Export Tasks: Hybrid teams using Microsoft Planner can now take action beyond the meeting. Tag Post-it® Notes and assign them to participants within Microsoft Planner.

Use right within Microsoft Teams:

  • Authenticate with your M365 Credentials - no need to remember user name and password!
  • Create boards in your personal app in Microsoft Teams, or create a board directly in a Channel or Meeting. All users in the meeting will have access.
  • Go ahead and invite team members and everyone in the meeting will have access, even if they don’t have a Teams subscription. Collaboration made simple.

Learn more about Post-it® for Microsoft Teams at

*IT Administrators may have to enable access for users in their Microsoft Teams Marketplace. Contact your IT Admin to request.

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