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Accelerate contract workflows with LexCheck’s AI proofreading tool.

LexCheck Copilot Proofreader is an AI-powered contract sidekick that revolutionizes the way you edit and review contracts. With Proofreader’s instant on-screen feedback and optimized contract tools, you won’t miss a beat during negotiations.

No more manual contract editing—with Proofreader in your toolkit, real-time results help you review and edit contracts in less time, with greater accuracy and quality. This innovative solution utilizes LexCheck’s proprietary technology and generative AI to provide you with the right tools at your fingertips, precisely when you need them.

Key features include:

  • Auto-proofreading: Errors such as missing defined terms and formatting inconsistencies are surfaced automatically.
  • Reviewing issues in-line: Navigate directly to where issues are surfaced.
  • Mutualizing provisions: Utilizes generative AI to mutualize unilateral language.
  • Clause generation: Leverages AI to generate clauses on demand.
  • Defined Terms List: Provides a list of defined terms in a document and flags any issues.
  • Cross References List: Instantly creates a list of cross references within the document and flags any issues.

Proofreader is your ultimate contract sidekick that keeps your negotiations moving while reducing risk. Easy to implement and navigate, LexCheck has your back any time.

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