Excel Send to Trello

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This Excel add-in makes it easy to bulk create cards in Trello from a table.

Do you have a need to create a lot of cards in your Trello Board for you or your team. Do you have reports in Excel that generate output, that you currently use to manually create cards in Trello? This add-in makes it easy, with a single click to from the Excel Ribbon. A task pane opens, (and after you have signed into Trello), you can select the board and the list and create a single card with the details from the selection in your workbook, or bulk create Trello Cards from a sheet.

This Add-in is FREE to use, but some feature will require a subscription to use.

A subscription will provide you the following benefits:

- Ability to save from the same file to the same Trello card

- Set labels, due dates, and start dates when creating single cards

- Create more than 5 cards in bulk at one time

- Add a workbook links (for OneDrive) to your cards

- And any new features added in the future.

For more information on pricing and subscription details see our subscriptions page.

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