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Dr. Pitt is a chat bot that makes working more enjoyable!

Welcome to the Dr. Pitt Experience!

Dr. Pitt is not just your ordinary chatbot; he’s your organization’s ultimate ally in boosting productivity and spreading happiness among your employees. With Dr. Pitt integrated seamlessly into your Microsoft Teams environment, engaging with your workforce at scale has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Here’s what Dr. Pitt brings to the table:

  • Interviews and Activations: Dr. Pitt doesn’t just passively wait for employees to reach out; he actively engages with them through interviews and activations. By asking thought-provoking multiple-choice questions followed by open-ended inquiries, Dr. Pitt helps uncover valuable insights while fostering meaningful connections with your team. Control the questions and responses of Dr. Pitt through the web portal. 100% control and 0% chance of AI hallucinations.

  • Seamless Integration: Installing Dr. Pitt from the Microsoft Teams Marketplace is quick and hassle-free. Once deployed, he seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, becoming an integral part of your organization’s digital ecosystem.

  • Audience: Dr. Pitt is designed for organizations looking to boost productivity and employee morale within their Microsoft Teams environment.

  • Supported Products: Dr. Pitt is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams.

  • Prerequisites: Access to the Dr. Pitt web portal is necessary to configure interviews and activations for all your Dr. Pitt users. Reach out to for access!

Ready to unleash the power of Dr. Pitt in your workplace? Install Dr. Pitt today and join the countless organizations already benefiting from his positive influence. Together, let’s make work more productive and employees happier than ever before!

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