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Produce and track your HIPPA compliance efforts

Microsoft's Chief Health Strategy Officer interviews Dr. Michael Walsh on how he has used the Book of Evidence application to improve his compliance program:

Why pick the Book of Evidence today? No other app in the Office 365 store can help you produce and track your compliance efforts like this free tool. It takes the general capabilities of SharePoint 2013 and turns them into a free compliance management “starter system” where any auditor can see how you are showing due care and due diligence in attaining and maintaining continuous compliance.

Healthcare compliance management is complicated and expensive. US Medical IT is making apps for providers that are quick to master for instant productivity. Our first offer is the Healthcare Book of Evidence for Security, Privacy and Breach Self-Audits. If you are trying to systematically take charge of your compliance management and want to systematically evaluate, document and remediate compliance gaps these tools are your best starting place.

Assembling a compliance book of evidence has never been simpler than with the Healthcare Book of Evidence from US Medical IT. This simple compliance management application runs on top of SharePoint and organizes, categorizes and systemizes all the documentation you need to assemble as you review your compliance gaps. It starts with a self-audit of Security, Privacy and Breach based on ONC’s audit protocols. Broken into “Key Activities”, the BoE first records the department responsible for managing each key activity, its priority and status.

After profiling how well you are performing this activity, you add any evidence to support the documentation of the activity. Policies, procedures, check lists, memos, any asset that can be uploaded into Office 365’s SharePoint 2013 can be linked as evidence of performance to the audit’s key activities.

Your tool is completely customizable, if you have internal protocols and activities you want to add to the basic set laid out by the US or UK governments, feel free to personalize it to your own performance standards.

The learning curve for using the tool is less than 15 mins. A complete jump-start tutorial is available to registered users.

After you install your Healthcare Book of Evidence, be sure to register your download with us. We’re releasing several additional HIPAA tools later this year.

Please note this application does not support IE8 or earlier versions of IE.