BitCurb Crunch

BitCurb Ltd.

Access and process your data in Excel Online/2016 easily using data matching or filtering operations

With BitCurb Excel Add-in you can access and process your data in Excel Online (office 365) and Excel 2016, without having big learning curve in implementing complex third-party solution. BitCurb Crunch Engine supports a number of functions, which will help you in building powerful expressions. Our syntax is very close to the functions available in Excel, which makes the onboarding process in your organisation very effective. You can define all of your rules and expressions in BitCurb portal and execute them from the Excel Add-in after.

We support functionality for the following data processing operations:

- Matching data between custom table selections (supported in Excel Online and Excel 2016)

- Filtering data from custom table selections (supported in Excel Online and Excel 2016)

BitCurb Add-in uses BitCurb Crunch API to perform all data operations. Prior using the add-in, a registration and a valid user licence to BitCurb Portal is required. To start your 30 days free trial follow the instructions here:

Kemampuan add-in
Ketika add-in ini digunakan, add-in ini
  • Membaca dan membuat perubahan pada dokumen
  • Mengirimkan data melalui Internet
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