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Easily manage and organize Microsoft Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and Yammer

Meet MyHub, a convenient one-stop-shop for managing existing Microsoft 365 workspaces and creating new ones—all from Microsoft Teams!

MyHub makes it easy to organize, understand, and access all your Microsoft workspaces by helping you:

  • Create workspace hubs based on different criteria, such as purpose or topic
  • Classify Teams, Groups, SharePoint sites, and Yammer communities with customized tags
  • Manage membership of Teams and Groups
  • Easily access content, tasks, and more associated with each workspace
  • Receive notifications from the bot after creating new workspaces

Customers of AvePoint’s Confidence Platform can also perform provisioning, recertification, and lifecycle tasks right from MyHub in Teams.

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Product user guide

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MyHub has been created specifically for use by customers of AvePoint’s commercial cloud (AOS). If you are leveraging AvePoint's US sovereign cloud (AOS-US), please use the MyHub for AOS-US application. If you are leveraging AvePoint’s FedRAMP (Moderate) Authorized cloud (AOS-UG) offering, please use the MyHub for AOS-UG application for full compatibility.

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