Talentsoft for Teams

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Talentsoft for Teams, your day to day companion on your HR journey

Talentsoft is a complete Human Capital Management software which focuses on empowering employees and managers in building their career. By integrating Talentsoft Continuous Conversation within Microsoft Teams we want to help managers and employees in managing their own and their teams OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Talentsoft Continuous Conversation is a simple and flexible one-page application that supports continuous manager-employee discussions and feedback. It helps companies encourage future-focused dialogue, focus on employee development, and streamline the traditional appraisal process to decrease time requirements and increase value. (Requirement : Talentsoft Continuous Conversation license)

Talentsoft Assistant, the very first Talentsoft chatbot, will push quick actions directly within a discussion flow in Microsoft Teams to improve employee and managers productivity. As an example, Talentsoft Assistant will push an alert for validating an appraisal form. And users will be able to do so directly in Teams without being redirected in Talentsoft. (Requirement : Talentsoft Performance & Competencies license)

Please note that this app will be continuously evolving in order to empower employees and managers in their day to day HR interactions.

This app is dedicated for managers and employees, these are the features included.

As Employee, you can:

  • Add new objectives for you (target, due date, contributors that will help you)

  • Add key results for your objectives, these are the more detailed step that you must achieve in order to be successful
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