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AI-Powered CRM/ERP Chatbot on MS Teams to Automate Business Processes and Workflows

Meet CRM and ERP Chatbot, an AI-based Chatbot on Microsoft Teams that seamlessly integrates with your ERP and CRM systems to provide a unified experience. Tailored for different industries, the one-stop conversational platform aids in automating workflows and streamlining complex business operations. Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) relies heavily on chatbots. Moreover, customers are undoubtedly the most valuable asset for an enterprise, irrespective of its industry. The all-in-one interactive dashboard offers an integrated help desk, a knowledge base, and intelligent customer service agents all tied into one offering. A shared database is a major element of all ERP systems, allowing data from numerous business processes to be stored, updated, and accessed by shared business units. This incorporates some level of synchronized automation and reporting across departments. Prior to the development of CRM/ERP chatbot, such interactions were labour expensive, and organizations had to invest a large amount of money in these resources, whether it was for customer service or sales representatives. Furthermore, our enterprise chatbot enables various roles and personas to perform core SAP operations through natural conversational chat interactions, resulting in increased efficiency, better engagement, and cost-saving. It serves as an extension of your business persona and provides an intuitive platform for accounts, sales, finance, marketing, and procurement departments. The digital assistant is most suitable for executives who require clear data visibility to essential records, real-time data, and a graphical view of critical data so that rapid business decisions can be made. For instance, the Sales team can monitor the sales cycle and active opportunities using contextual role-based scorecards. Apart from analyzing 90 days pipeline, the sales representatives can reap benefits from options like Sales Current Period, Target Achieved, Team Members, Opportunities, and Create Opportunities. Also, the bot offers a CFO dashboard that tracks significant business KPIs like gross margin, working capital, EBIDTA, net profit, FTE, etc., and showcases a 360-degree view of the enterprise’s current financial position. More information on the indicators can be found by drilling down further. Similarly, an Account Manager can get the most up-to-date Customer360 picture of her major customers, as well as the current opportunity pipeline, recently completed contracts, and overall customer satisfaction. He can also use the chatbot application to follow up on outstanding Account Receivables and communicate with financial controllers. Regardless of the backend systems, the users from various departments can carry out their business operations effectively. Our chatbot integrates effortlessly with ERP, CRM, accounting, IT, and HR systems. In fact, the AI conversational system switches seamlessly between backend systems as per the nature of a transaction. This results in increasing productivity by 2X as users can access enterprise applications from their computers and mobile devices without needing to launch the frontends. Other offerings include- customized workflows and chatbot Integration with SAP, end-to-end development for SAP and Azure, authentication setup using SSO and OAuth2, supported on S/4 HANA and SAP ECC, rapid development (NodeJS framework), and process flow and usability expertise.

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