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Empower your employees to be your best advocates

The PostBeyond integration allows you to create advocates out of your employees, by pushing pre-approved, shareable content to your Microsoft Teams space. The PostBeyond app for Teams allows you to push content from your PostBeyond content library to a Microsoft Teams channel of your choice. Users can then view the content and share it to their social networks, allowing your company and your employees to build their social brand. Sharing PostBeyond content has been shown to greatly increase customer website visits, which can be tracked through the UTM parameters added to every piece of shared content. The PostBeyond platform is used by Marketing, Sales, HR, and Channel/ Partner leaders to increase the social presence of their company, increase sales, improve company branding, and increase the reach of your recruiters, all through organic traffic from your employees. Users can share to their entire social network or copy the link and share it in one on one conversations with prospects. Users also get to keep track of how people have interacted with their shared content, and compete with their co-workers in our leaderboard. The analytics that we provide will help you increase your share of voice and improve the type of content that you are providing to your employees and partners to share. Import content directly from your company social accounts to save time and not duplicate efforts when the content already exists on other channels.

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