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App4Legal Connect for Outlook is your perfect combination to connect with App4Legal.

App4Legal Connect for Outlook is a direct link between your Email and App4Legal Products, to Archive and Capture Emails & Attachments to the Central System. Add data to the App4Legal system, such as; Notes, Matters, Cases, Hearings, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Tasks, Time Entries, Expenses, and much more. For example, users can log emails, parts of emails, or attachments as related to specific matters, cases, etc. Easily keep track of previously logged emails, replies and their related entries in App4Legal.

Knowing that Microsoft Outlook is essential to a lawyer’s daily work routine, we introduced App4Legal Connect for Outlook. It is an add-in that integrates the two systems together seamlessly allowing Law practitioners to boost productivity in no time. You might ask why do lawyers need this add-on?

*One Perfect Combination

Outlook is the management hub for almost all core businesses. Hence, if you are a heavy Outlook user, you will definitely love using App4Legal Connect for Outlook. In where, the same interface can be used to add contacts, cases (with attachments), tasks, hearings, etc. All from one location! So, forget about switching between applications.

Keep in mind that your new cases, hearings and tasks that arise from E-mails can be created on the fly. Yes, hearing dates will not be missed anymore!

*Logging E-mails as Cases into App4Legal

We all agree that text in e-mails is absolutely valuable. It is the essential legal data that every lawyer needs to track. Well, App4Legal Connect for Outlook is at your fingertips to do this for you. When e-mails are logged as cases, the case form will automatically fetch the content of the e-mail. That way, everything is tracked. You might only need to select part of the e-mail body to be added as the case. App4Legal Connect for Outlook makes it possible for you to log only your selected data.

Better yet, attachments in e-mails are uploaded into the documents of the case. Whether they are office documents, images or even the e-mail itself, App4Legal Connect for Outlook gives you the choice to decide what goes where.

To use App4Legal Connect for Outlook, you need to sign up for a App4Legal account. Try it for free here :

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