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Access your Q/A Center and Document Library using DiligenceVault for Microsoft Office

DiligenceVault for Microsoft Office lets you sync and access the content inside the Q&A Center and search through the Document library.

1. Swift and effortless Q/A content search: This feature allows users to search for content seamlessly, ensuring quick responses to investor requests received in Microsoft Office file formats.

2. Q/A Content synchronization: This feature permits users to sync content without having to leave the Microsoft application they are working in.

3. Advanced document search functionality: DiligenceVault's document search feature allows users to search within the content of the documents, thus enhancing the overall effectiveness by providing the users with a comprehensive document retrieval solution.

4. Turnaround investor’s information requests faster and more efficiently.


We offer document search as an extra feature for premium users who are subscribed to it.

If you are a new user, please fill in your details on our signup page and we will contact you soon. Our offers and pricing are tailored to suit your specific needs.

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