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Coda is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together.

The Coda for Microsoft Teams app lets you access all your team docs—meeting notes, team wikis, project trackers, and briefs—directly from Teams. You can even spin up new docs and add tabs with important resources to your chats and channels. That way, your team’s entire informational universe is always at your fingertips.

Ways Coda and Teams work together:

  • Increase your team’s focus by creating a customized hub with Coda. Then coordinate and centralize your team’s wiki, meeting notes, administration, and documentation in one place without having to leave the Teams app.
  • Easily navigate to a Coda doc from a tab inside your chat, where you can update a status in your project tracker on the fly. Coda emphasizes customized structured task tracking to address your team’s unique needs and connects to other apps to manage your workflow in one place.
  • Collect feedback directly in your project briefs. With these two-way writeups, you can create collaborative and interactive proposals that capture your team’s discussions and decisions—all within one space.
  • Make Coda docs seamlessly accessible via Teams for teammates who aren’t already on Coda. Looking for another solution? No need to start from scratch. We turned our most popular compositions of building blocks into time-saving templates and made them available inside your doc.

Even better with the Teams Pack

Install the Microsoft Teams Pack to your Coda doc to send messages to chats and channels, tag your teammates, automate your workflow, and eliminate duplicating work.

Connect Microsoft Teams to Coda

The Coda for Teams app is free for all who use both Coda and Teams.

Coda is the doc that brings it all together. Want to learn more? Sign up for free, or speak with a Coda representative.

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