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Visualize data with multiple Y-axes, 10+ series types, 20+ chart configurations, annotations & more!

Do you have multiple measures to visualize your dataset relationship? Interested to see orders, customers, date and sales measures in a single visual with multiple series options and patterns?

xViz Multi Axes Chart enables users to create insightful Power BI dashboards by providing enterprise driven features seamlessly integrated into one visual. It also offers enhanced customizable and formatting options that are commonly requested by Power BI users.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Support up to 5 Axes – to visualize multiple data series
  • Annotations – collaborate with other users with dynamic annotation/commenting. It also enables interactive storytelling by highlighting specific datapoints
  • 20+ Chart Configurations – configure column, spline, lollipop, stacked, area charts and more!
  • Runtime Interactivity:
    • Enable end-users to interact directly with the visual using the utility menu option (settings icon on the visual canvas)
    • Lasso, Reverse Lasso, zoom – report end-users can toggle zoom and lasso with a single click using utility menu
  • Advanced Analytics – gain extra insights on your data by configuring reference lines and bands
  • Conditional Formatting – highlight outliers based on set rules, to gain insights on your data
  • Deviation bar – Analyze value difference between two columns at runtime
  • Advanced Formatting – customize data series patterns to slash/vertical lines/diamond shapes, conditional formatting to highlight outliers, style labels, markers, and axes to reporting needs
  • External URL – single click action navigation to external webpages from your dashboards/ reports
  • Shared Tooltip – analyze individual contribution in stacked charts
  • Summary Table – gain a tabular overview to slice and filter your data

Why choose xViz visuals?

  • Portfolio of 20 advanced enterprise grade visuals with 50K users

  • Trusted by 1500+ customers including fortune 500 companies

  • Over 500k+ downloads across 40+ countries


To know more about how the visual can empower your reporting in Power BI, visit - Multi-Axes Chart Resources

Have any feature requests or queries about the visual? - Reach us at xViz Community

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