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The histogram is a bar chart to visualize the distribution of data and a collection of statistics.

A histogram is a bar chart that represents the frequency distribution of data. The height of each bar corresponds to the number of items in the class or cell. The width of each bar represents a measurement interval. The histogram shows basic information such as central location, shape, and spread of the data being examined. The bars give a visual indication of central location (mean), width of spread (range or sigma) and shape. Histograms are traditionally displayed with some collection of statistics. These are often called descriptive statistics, as they describe the population of data being charted. Additionally, capability indices such as Cpk, Ppk, and DPM. When to use: 1. When you want to visualize the central location, spread, and shape of a data set; 2. When the process is stable and you want to predict capability indices; 3. When you want to study the capability of some process to meet customer requirements. This chart is part of PI VIZpack™ by PQ Systems, a collection of eight process improvement charts for Power BI®. They provide a clear way to visualize and evaluate process behavior and performance. Get started with a free two-week trial today. After the trial, you may continue using the basic features or upgrade to the premium version. To learn more visit our website.

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