Floor Plan Visual by Simpson Associates


Visualise your data against your real-world floor plans

The Floor Plan Visual by Simpson Associates lets you view your data on a backdrop that makes sense to your readers. You can map any metric you like on top of your custom floor plans, providing instant analysis of real-world locations.

Not only can you get the data that you need quickly, but you can consume it in the context of a physical location, meaning you can digest and react to it easily.

You aren’t restricted to just floor plans though; the Floor Plan Visual by Simpson Associates can draw any image represented as geometry data and allows you to add your metrics and KPIs on top. We use the term ‘floors’ to refer to what you can think of as a floor in a building, but this could be any logical grouping you like, such as levels/decks/stories. Similarly, we use the term ‘plan items’ to refer to what you can think of as a room in a building, again this could be any item you like and doesn’t have to be a room!

Common use cases include:

  • Mapping sensor data to a real-world location, to easily see footfall/activity in specific areas.
  • Mapping stock levels in a warehouse/store to a visual representation of the stock room itself.
  • Measuring temperature levels across a network.

Not only can the Floor Plan Visual by Simpson Associates act as a data visualisation tool, but you can also use it to provide navigation to the rest of your report. You can easily use our visual to alternate between multiple floors/levels in your data, and provide your report consumers with a slick, easy to use navigation tool for slicing and dicing your reports.

It also lets you add your floor plans into your report just to give it that wow-factor!

Key features:

  • Draw geometry data into your reports with a custom metric applied on top.
  • Show multiple floors at a time, to provide analysis across multiple levels.
  • Floor Mode – provide your users with a floor navigation tool to slice and dice your reports by floor.
  • 2D and Isometric view modes – show a traditional floor plan experience or provide a 3D isometric effect to add that extra edge to your reports.
  • Apply automatic colour scales/bins to your data points to provide a heat-map effect.
  • Use your own custom measure for colouring your plan items.
  • Zoom in/out and pan across your floor plans to get up-close to your data.
  • Multiple formatting options for controlling the appearance of floors and plan items.
  • Allows you to categorise your data into groups to allow for further formatting options.

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