Google Analytics Report

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Provides a detailed report built off Google Analytics GA4 data.

Provides a detailed report built off Google Analytics data. Allowing for a deep dive analysis on page views, user statistics, event counts, sessions and engagement, conversions, top pages visited, traffic source trends over time, and more.

This detailed report makes use of all the latest and greatest Power BI features such as: Field Parameters, SVG charts for Matrix tables, dynamic format strings, new KPI cards and button slicers, and more!

The free version of this report provides a six-month refresh window of your Google Analytics data. If you wish to refresh more of your historical data, or desire to own and and customize the PBIX file. Then head over to our Files Store page to check out our purchase options.

We offer a subscription option to let you refresh all your historical data using this AppSource version, this version can be full refreshed, however the data model, Power Query applied steps, and DAX cannot be edited. You can also purchase and download the PBIX file. Giving you full freedom, control, and ownership of the report and semantic model.

Note, this template App uses Power BI native connector for Google Analytics (info about that here). If you are experiencing sampling issues or export limits (around 500k rows per hour) with the connector, this app will also experience those issues. If you have any questions or are experiencing errors please contact us for further assistance.