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iCC Grow / Make every interaction counts

Keep the customers from the first sight they know you --- Struggle findings an effective costumer acquisition tool? Unaffordable high cost for operating customers? Lack of trust and bonding between even your most loyal brand followers? Come to iCC Grow for a brand new affordable highly effective WhatsApp operation solution. Stay connected with your customers at one click.
We enable access rate optimization of every marketing campaign, increase brands' touchpoints marketing efficiency, and improve conversion rate. By doing so, improve MGM rate, and membership participation rate.
Our typical customers are from high-interaction-frequency low unit price (tea and coffee, shoes and clothing, beauty, new retail) & low-interaction-frequency high unit price (new energy vehicles, hotel travel, beauty services) brand categories, iCC Grow's customers have a large consumer base and offline touchpoints (offline stores, shopping guides/baristas/beauty advisor/stylist advisor) to reach consumers, as well as large amount of branding materials to achieve stratified and targeting customer operations, and there is a demand for tools that can "reach consumer groups with large volume, high efficiency and high accuracy".
This application is available in Chinese.