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Native Generative AI Work Item Management Assistant for Azure DevOps

Bridging Vision and Execution: The Essential AI Tool in Azure DevOps for Product Owners/Managers, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Requirements Engineers, Risk Analysts, Compliance Engineers, and QA Analysts

Accelerate delivery with precision using generative AI natively built within Azure DevOps. Let Copilot4DevOps Plus take care of the monotonous tasks so you can focus on making better and timely decisions.

Elevate Your Work Item Management with Generative AI

By leveraging Copilot4DevOps Plus, you can significantly reduce manual workload, save time, cut operational costs, enhance accuracy, simplify complexity, and bolster decision-making—all while having fun in the process. Copilot4DevOps Plus has proven to deliver:

  • 80% Faster requirements authoring
  • 60% Faster test case creation
  • 90% Faster requirements review


Directly within Azure DevOps, you can:

  • Elicit high-quality and editable requirements from raw requirements data
  • Analyze work item data for quality
  • Automatically convert requirements to Gherkin language
  • Generate use cases from raw requirements data
  • Generate user story from elicited requirements
  • Elaborate on existing requirements
  • Summarize, create a brief abstract, or reframe requirements in different terms
  • Translate work item data to multiple languages with high accuracy
  • Use Dynamic Prompt to combine contextual data with a specific query to get rich insights
  • & much more

Unlock a New Era of Product Development

As a proud Microsoft AI Transformation Partner, Copilot4DevOps Plus stands as the sole work item native AI tool tailored for Azure DevOps. It inherits Microsoft and OpenAI's cutting-edge security updates and protocols, always ensuring a secure and reliable experience.

Unlock boundless productivity possibilities today. Embark on your risk-free 30-day trial of Copilot4DevOps Plus and witness the transformation firsthand, with no obligations attached. Your gateway to unparalleled efficiency awaits.