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#1 Cloud 3D printers management operating system

3DPrinterOS – #1 Cloud operating system for 3D Printers management. 3DPrinterOS supports more than 110 models of 3D Printers and covers all needs of 3d printing: 1. With 3DPrinterOS Client you can connect up to 4 printers to your computer. 3DPrinterOS Client supports Windows, Mac, RPI.
2. In the 3DPrinterOS cloud, you can design your own 3d models, upload the one you have or even search for existing models in the biggest libraries of 3d models integrated directly to 3DPrinterOS. Moreover, you can Orient, Repair, Slice, Preview the toolpath and PRINT your models. 3. Manage your 3D printers: Create queues, sort them, watch cameras, track filament left. 4. You will have access to the full history of your 3d printing. Moreover, the file versions history is also stored in the 3DPrinterOS, so no worries, you always can back-up your edits. 5. Share or get shared files, projects, and printers with other 3DPrinterOS users. 6. There are CAD plugins to integrate your favorite software with 3DPrinterOS. 7. Get timelapse video of the print. 8. Moreover, there are super flexible organizational licenses of 3DPrinterOS for SMEs, Educational institutions and Enterprises, which provide huge opportunities in collaboration and organizational 3D Printing. 9. Also, there are firmware and white label software solutions for 3D Printers Manufacturers, API Solutions for designers and 3d models marketplaces. 10. Get permanent access to your 3D Printers with the 3DPrinterOS mobile application.