All the information and tools you need, at first glance with ABILITY.DatenCockpit!

Organize and start your working day with ABILITY.DatenCockpit.


Your starting dashboard offers you at first glance all the data, documents and tools that are relevant for your daily work. It combines information from all your solutions and data sources in your company (on-premise or cloud) in a very clever way. The way the dashboard is designed, it can be tailored to your needs and adapts to your working style to make you as productive as possible. Stop switching applications and gathering data from different applications to finish your work. It is all at your fingertips with ABILITY.DatenCockpit.

Since ABILITY.DatenCockpit accesses your Data live, you always see current data and if you opt to allow your users to change data through the .DatenCockpit, Data can be written back to the source.


ABILITY.DatenCockpit is a flexible framework to build the Portal you need for your employees, customers or vendors. We have multiple standard Templates which allow a quick start for different Industries. Or we start from scratch, just with the plain framework and configure the Portal you need. Configure, because no programming is needed. Everything is configured through a central settings database and in most cases no code changes are necessary to adapt ABILITY.DatenCockpit to your needs.

You want even more service quality for your employees, customer and partners? Just connect your dashboard with the telephone network. Once the incoming number is recognized by your system, all relevant data and documents are provided and you are ready to talk.

ABILITY.DatenCockpit is developed for everybody who works with multiple systems and data sources. Now, there's no need to change applications to get and correlate the Data you need. It all gets combined in one single tool. That simplifies your work every single day.


ABILITY.DatenCockpit! Get in touch with us to learn more!