Security as a Service Plus


For greater peace of mind we offer our Managed Service clients Security as a Service packages.

Made up of Cyber Security Awareness Training, Microsoft EMS for added Mobile Device Management, Multi-Factor Authentication and Data Protection features, an annual vulnerability audit and review plus Cisco Umbrella to provide increased protection when browsing the internet.

Security as a Service Plus matures the networks defences using upgraded versions of Azure AD to introduce conditional based access to the network - looking for things like impossible travel. Azure AIP provides the ability to apply policies automatically based upon the content of the document. Cisco Umbrella provides ongoing oversight of web and cloud application traffic to add protection against attack and misuse via compromised or compromising sites.

Maximise your ROI through self-paced staff training included in your monthly fixed fees with our Online Office 365 Video Training Portal. Ensure your employees have the skills and knowledge to use Microsoft 365 applications, run reports and set training and development

Our Security as a Service Plus includes registration, audit and consultation to ensure you obtain and maintain Cyber Essentials PLUS certification - so your can demonstrate further assurances to suppliers and customers that your business has taken the appropriate steps to protect against cyber security threats.