WB Confidential

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WB Confidential! The cloud solution for the management of Whistleblowing process

In Europe companies with more than 50 employees have the obligation to set up a system for reporting unlawful behaviour and following up complaints

WB Confidential is the web-based application for the management of confidential and anonymous report.

The application allows the management of bidirectional interaction flows between the structure of management of reports and the whistleblower, with the possibility of extracting highly customizable reports.

WB Confidential allows the management of the entire Whistleblowing process, from the sending of the report by the whistleblower to the management of the report by the responsible structure, up to the closing of the report with positive or negative results.

WB Confidential presents itself to users as a Portal divided into:

  1. a public area, freely navigable by stakeholders, within which it is possible to acquire information on the practice of Whistleblowing, on the service and on all the information that the organization intends to transfer to users
  2. an area subject to authentication for sending and monitoring reports sent by stakeholders

The environment is characterized by a modern and sober design, inspired by the user experience in the world of social networks, in order to recreate a familiar interface that instills trust and reliability.


  • Compliance with current legislation
  • Greater process management efficiency
  • Prevention of offences by strengthening the internal control system
  • Reduce the risk of financial loss and reputational damage from fraud or tort
  • Continuous and structured interaction between the responsible structure and the reporter, while in full respect of confidentiality of their identity.

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